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Знак зодиакаРак
Размер груди3
Ограничения по возрастуот 18 до 60
Цвет волосБрюнетка
Интимная стрижкаПолная депиляция
Размер одежды46
МетроВокзальная, Площадь Льва Толстого, Золотые ворота
РайонШевченковский район
Удобное время для звонкаКруглосуточно
Дата создания12.04.18 22:29
Дата обновления11.07.18 20:20
Номер анкеты1288

About Me My favourite part of my job is meeting interesting and exciting new people who love to have fun! If your looking for someone with an energetic and animalistic personality who’s not afraid to get creative and dirty then I’m your perfect match. Your date with me will be light and exciting, and will always end on a high! My sexual interests are extensive and highly charged, its not just men who get me wet but women too! Have me all to yourself or invite my girlfriend or yours - I keep my self fit and healthy which means I can go for as long as you can handle me. Let me use my strap on, on you or your companion - i’ll always have enough energy for two. If this doesn’t leave you wanting more, it’ll be my supermodel looks and legs that go on forever that will. Having them wrapped around you will have us both coming over and over again. When can we play?


Апартаменты Выезд
Цена за 1 час 1800 1800
Цена за 2 часа 3400 3400
Цена за ночь 9000 9000
Любимые позы девушки



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